Introducing the Chase Glenn Putter

You've never seen a putter that looks like the Chase Glenn and you won't find a putter that scores like the Chase Glenn. Improve your putting game & see how much attention you will get on the course.

Intuitive Putting

The unique shape brings with it a new idea about putting. You know those weird angles you've taught yourself? Forget them. Align your shot, look at the hole, putt, and follow through. Cheering optional.

Solid Construction

Not many putters are manufactured like the Chase Glenn. Each putter is precision machined from a solid block of aluminum, anodized, then custom drilled to the angle of your choice.

Chase Glenn Vital Statistics

Custom Orders Available

Putter Weight 560 grams
Shaft Angles 74°
Shaft Length 33" standard

Customer Testimonial

I am fairly new at golf. I manage a 17.5-20.5 handicap. But your putter lately has been causing me issues. Since obtaining a used Chase Glenn putter from Ebay, my scores have been dropping. Tracking my putts in the last 4 weeks, I have seen a trend downward from my usual 40 putts (before this new putter) down to as low as 28. This putter has me hitting the ball with amusement. I line up my ball. Line up the putter and swing, while taking very little time to do so. I have made two 30+ foot putts, and my accuracy within 10 feet is great!

This putter was voted 'most ugly putter' at Hyde Park Golf club in Jacksonville. But using this putter, I won our monthly men's club tournament, and a mixed doubles event. My scores in the last 3 weeks were, 91, 89, 89, and 83. I usually am in the 95 range.

Here's the issue, my usual golf partners are now demanding strokes. They never did before. Now, I have been accused of sandbagging and having to give strokes for bets. Mostly because of this putter!

I did not anticipate these results. And my golf buddies did not either. So my Chase Glenn putter has cause quite a stir in my golf circle!! Thanks!!

- Gary Rubbert